The picturesque valley of almonds, olives and grapes surrounded by multiple mountain ranges, life here is supported by the village of Hondon de los Frailes positioned on the valley floor approximately 400 meters above sea level.

There are many places to walk especially venturing along the mountain trails giving incredible views of more than just one valley. The view opposite highlights the natural rugged landscape and surroundings, this location is within a one hour walk from the village of Hondon de los Frailes.

During late February the valley turns pink and white with orchards of almond blossom in full bloom.

If this walk appeals to you then please look on our ‘activities’ page where you will find a detailed route map to follow.

When you are in this part of Spain you are never very far from a market, available seven days of the week due to the number of local towns and villages surrounding this location.

The markets vary greatly with regard to possible goods on offer but you are always guaranteed to find fresh locally grown vegetables and fruit.

The healthy lifestyle in Spain is dependent on the nutrition available from these locally grown ingredients which are used to produce the finest Spanish dishes.

Fruit and vegetables are very reasonably priced here in Spain due to the produce is grown locally in abundance all year round. The calendar opposite shows you which market is available today and by scrolling the window you can plan your next visit.


Guardia Civil (Aspe) 965 490 070

Fire 085

  Hondon Frailes Policia Local 933 618 793

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Hondon de los Frailes





La Romana

Hondon de las Nieves


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“Welcome to Hondon de los Frailes”

All of the information you may require for your family holiday in or around Hondon de los Frailes. Use of a car is essential for inland holidays especially with children.

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Hondon Frailes is only 45 minutes drive away from many blue flag beaches on the Costa Blanca coastline.

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Hondon de los Frailes & Hondon de las Nieves

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