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Information About Hondon de los Frailes

Location and Access

Hondon de los Frailes is located in the province of Alicante in the South East area of Spain. The town is situated to the South west of Crevillente, Elche and Alicante. Travel to the village is restricted to private vehicles, hire cars or taxis as public transport although available, there are very few buses each day. The nearest railway station (Renfe) is Albatera-Catral which is on a branch line running from Alicante to Murcia.

The nearest airport is Alicante which is just over 46 km about 45 minutes drive. By far the furthest airport Valencia which is about two hours and 30 minutes drive at approximately 240 km. In between is Murcia airport to the south which is about 75 km, just over an hour drive from Hondon de los Frailes.


The nearby towns include Aspe, Novelda, Elche, Albatera, and Crevilente which give you plenty of choice when you are looking for large shopping areas. There are plenty of local village shops for your day to day needs and markets are available on most days as each village has different market days.


Unlike a number of towns in Spain that could trace their origins from the Muslim settlers, the town of Hondón de los Frailes had a different beginning. The town was initially owned by Dominican priests from the larger town of Orihuela, becoming a part of the history of the urban centre of the Romans in Iumbar. Up until the year 1707, the town was ruled by the Orihuelan government and attached to the town of Orihuela until the year 1833. The town gained its independence from Orihuela in the year 1840 and attached itself with the municipality of Hondón de las Nieves. Hondón de los Frailes finally gained its independence in year 1926 and became recognized as a separate municipality. For more information about the municipality click here ....

Tourism In Hondon de los Frailes

If you are visiting Spain on holiday then there is a good chance you are staying in hotel accommodation or self catering apartment on the coast and are in the centre of holiday land which has been designed to suit the typical persons requirement for the holiday in the sun, close to the beach and Mediterranean sea.

If you are looking to experience life in a friendly Spanish village without the candy floss and eat by picture restaurants then you need to travel a short distance inland where you can spend time relaxing and living in an environment closer to true life here in Spain.

The resident population in the village Is approximately 50% Spanish, the remainder being made up of English, German, and Dutch all living together in harmony within a rural community. There are many residents living here who have previously lived in accommodation on the coast and moved their home location inland to live a more natural Spanish lifestyle, some of them have even taken up farming the plot belonging to their house.

Local activities regarding sport and hobbies are based around the landscape and include fishing,hiking, hill walking, football, mountain biking, swimming, and of course playing golf on some of the best golf courses in the world located in and around the Alicante province.

The village is only 40 minutes drive from Guardamar del Segura beach which stretches for eight kilometres along the coast complete with sand dunes and marina located at the mouth of the Segura river.

The weather and climate in the Hondon Valley as you would expect is mainly dry and sunny during the summer months only a few degrees cooler than the coast, mainly due to the altitude of 415 metres and the surrounding mountain ranges.The winter months also provide cooler temperatures than the coast and it does snow occasionally at this altitude but generally January through to March is the time of year when the wind and rain arrives, this can be very heavy rain in deed, quite often creating torrents.

Guardamar del Segura Beach