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When you are in this part of Spain you are never very far from a market, available seven days of the week due to the number of local towns and villages surrounding this location.

The markets vary greatly with regard to possible goods on offer but you are always guaranteed to find fresh locally grown vegetables and fruit.

The healthy lifestyle in Spain is dependent on the nutrition available from these locally grown ingredients which are used to produce the finest Spanish dishes.

Fruit and vegetables are very reasonably priced here in Spain due to the produce is grown locally in abundance all year round.

When you visit the market the chances are that the fruit and vegetable stall owner will speak only Spanish, well you are in Spain after all.

Try the video opposite and do some preparation before your first visit, at least try and remember the vegetables you would normally purchase.

If you need more types of fruit and vegetables in Spanish use the fruit video or our free  market help sheet.

The market help sheet is available below: print off a copy, add tick’s against the produce you need. The sheet becomes your shopping list ready to take to the market, request produce using Spanish with no pointing.

Market Days















Santa Pola









Hondon de las Nieves

Hondon de los Frailes






La Marina



La Marina

San Miguel

Hondon de las Nieves

La Murada


La Romana

La Mata



Santa Pola

Note ! Hondon de los Frailes and Fortuna Markets are mainly Vegetables only.

Market Help Sheet

Our Free Market Help Sheet

Make your next trip to the market fun with a copy of our market help sheet and use it as your shopping list.

Print a copy and then add ticks against the vegetables you need to purchase.

Each item has the English & Spanish names so you can ask for the items in Spanish with confidence.

After using this help sheet a few times you should find those Spanish names are fixed firmly in your Spanish vocabulary.

Have a Closer look now click or tap the picture opposite

Shopping in Frailes has never been better and considering the small population size in our village we are spoilt for choice when it comes to grocery for our families. Fresh vegetables are available 7 days of the week at the local markets in and around surrounding villages see the table below for more information on where to go each day.

The mix of available groceries within the village range from Dutch and English favourite foods from Arkwrights supermarket, fresh high quality meat from our local butchers where Fran and Mer will gladly help you select meat of your choice. Local bodega wine is available in the greengrocers shop by the Santander branch office so you can purchase the wine while selecting your potatoes and fresh veg.

The larger weekly shop can be made at our local Mercadona Supermarket which is a 15 minute drive away in Albatera see our map for location details.

For a comprehensive list of available services in Frailes see our full list which ranges from food to repairing your car, hardware for your home repairs to building materials for the new extension. If you need a local Architect or maybe a Solicitors office, both are available on your doorstep within the village of Frailes.

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